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Are Succulents the Gateway Plant to Future Gardeners?

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There is no doubt that succulents are trending as the most popular plant this season.  So much so that I've heard shoppers say things like, "Oh, these are those plants I read about in the Washington Post." and "Succulents!  I heard about these on the radio!"  This is great, since when are plants making headlines and getting talked about on the radio. 

This is so exciting to me as a long time plant enthusiast, succulents included.  What excites me even more is the amount of young people (teenagers) that are excited to buy and learn about succulents.  Then I got to thinking.... could succulents be the gateway plant for future gardeners?  I'm thinking they will be.  We should start thinking of catchy generational name to dub this group awhile.  Maybe the Succulent Starter Gardeners or the Succulent Boomers.  Well the name needs a little work but I think we have time before all these youngsters grow up into avid gardeners. 

For many young people, I would imagine their succulent purchase is their first plant or one of their first plants.  First plant experiences are so important to the future of plant in your life.  It will make or break your green thumb.  My first plant was Pilea mollis 'Moon Valley' or as I called it 20 years ago, Moon Crater Plant.  It sat on a stand in my bedroom right under the window sill and right next to my Backstreet Boys poster.  To this day I still have a Moon Crater Plant, although it is not the same one. 

In 10-20 years this young group of Succulent Stewards (eh, still need to work on that name) will look back on their succulents that had as kids and realize that is what got them into gardening.  At least that is my envision.  Will they have that eureka moment and go buy their kids one of the then trending plants?  What will be the trending plant in 10 -20 years?  I guess we will all have to wait and see.

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