Early Spring Garden Tasks

March 05, 2017

Early Spring Garden Tasks

Everybody, and I mean everybody, is ready for spring. Some days it feels like it is right around the corner and other days it feels like it is so far away.  Here in central Pennsylvania, it got down to 8 degrees last night and yet the forecast has 60 degrees in it for this week.  The weather rollercoaster is on a roll. 

When you look around the garden and see plants starting to pop up it seems like it’s time to get in the garden but it also seem like there’s not much you can do.  Well here are your March garden tasks to get everything prepped in ready.  Check off your to do list and when spring actually gets here you’ll be ready.

  1. Sticks and Stones – The winter winds can put down a lot of sticks. While you are walking around your garden checking out what green is popping up gather all the sticks. They make great kindling for a campfire on those brisk nights on the patio. If your garden borders your driveway, you may have stones in your garden along the edges from plowing stones in. Grab a rake and rake them out before they get embedded into the ground.
  2. Finish Fall Cleanup – No matter how meticulous you are most gardens have some plant debris left over from fall cleanup. Whatever the reason, leaving some foliage for winter protection or you just missed a couple plants or they still looked good when you were cutting everything else down, I’m sure there are lingering plants that need trimmed back. The sooner you do this task the better. You don’t want to let it go have the plants push growth before you get to them.
  3. Bird Box Tidying – If you have any bird houses, get to cleaning them out as soon as possible. Birds will soon be looking for a place to nest so clean the houses so they have a nice place to set up camp. Birds make every garden a better place.
  4. Early Spring Weeding – No matter how good of a gardener we are, there are always weeds we missed when we work in the garden. As your walking through your garden double check for perennial weeds that might have survived the winter. Getting them now before they start actively growing will help keep things tidy in the long run.
  5. Unwrap the Packages – If you wrapped any shrubs or other perennials for some extra winter protection, keep an eye on them. You want to make sure you unwrap them before or just as they start growing so the foliage can get air and stay healthy.

With these few tips you’ll be garden ready in no time. These tasks will get you out and about in the garden as soon as the weather allows you to be out.

Happy Gardening!

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