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Oregano Kent Beauty

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If you haven't heard of Oregano Kent Beauty, it wouldn't surprise me.  Oregano Kent Beauty is one of those must have perennials who, unfortunately, does not get a lot of press.  In the gardening world, it is not in the "in crowd".  The "in crowd" being a group of plants that gets more media attention than others and the plants get a lot of money thrown into the marketing of them. 

Well, Oregano Kent Beauty is definitely a perennial worth mentioning. It is a stellar garden performer.  It also does very well in a container and with it growing to about 8-12 inches it won't take over the container.  The foliage and flowers are airy in free-forming so its great to add in combination with other plants. 

Oregano Kent Beauty has absolutely gorgeous flowers.  The blooms look like a string of delicate cupped flowers nested inside one another.  When Kent Beauty first starts blooming the flowers are light in color, maturing to a pink, dusty mauve color.  The flowers are very long lasting as well.  Plants will start blooming early summer and will continue until fall.  Give your plant foliage a light trim early in the season (mid spring) to create a bushier plant and give you more blooms, just remember it will delay flowering a little.

This does best in full sun but can handle part shade.  Do not overwater Oregano Kent Beauty, it could lead to some root rot.  So make sure to plant in a well drained area. 

Give it a try here... Oregano Kent Beauty


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