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There's Hope with Philodendron

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Hope means a something different for everyone. I’m hopeful as much as the next person.  Hopeful for my family, hopeful for our future, but most of all hopeful for Philodendron Hope.  Hopeful that you will add Philodendron Hope to your plant collection or have it be your first plant.  Philodendron Hope is a great starter plant.  Hope has lovely serrated, thick leathery leaves.  Not only is Hope interesting to look at but it is also a natural air filter, filtering out toxins in your home.

Hope is easy to take care of and survives several different environmental conditions. As with most Philodendrons, Hope likes moist soil but does not like to sit in water.  Fertilize with an all purpose fertilizer every 2-3 waterings.  Philodendrons like bright, indirect sunlight.  If you place your plant outside keep out of direct sunlight to prevent from burning the leaves.  Keeping Hope on a porch or a similar environment with a roof or filtered light through trees.

Give Philodendron Hope a try.  It will become a piece of tropical art in your house you can't live without.

Philodendron Hope Philodendron Hope

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