About Us

J Lynn Nursery is a mail order nursery devoted to producing some of the most interesting plants for your gardening needs.  When you create a garden with us you will be able to find plants that quickly make blankets of vegetation, show stopper one of a kinds, and specimen plants that you will be able to propagate and share with your friends.  We believe a garden needs perennials that are tried and true as well as the unusual plant that is new to you.   

We love to see beautiful gardens but we also like to keep nature in its natural state.  We limit our use of pesticides by utilizing beneficial insects in our production.  By releasing beneficial insects to attack the bad insects we create a cohesive system between plants and insects that takes care of most pest problems without using any chemicals.     

By ordering from J Lynn Nursery you can be assured your plants are handled with the utmost tender, love, and care by our experienced staff.  We always have your garden in mind when grooming and packing your plants.  

You could say that I, Jessica Lenker, owner and creator of J Lynn Nursery, am Penn State born and Burpee raised.  I studied horticulture at Pennsylvania State University and graduated with a bachelors degree of agricultural science in horticulture.  After I completed my studies at Penn State I moved on to be a grower at W. Atlee Burpee Company.  My love and knowledge of plants was exercised daily while I grew Burpee's perennials, annuals, vegetables, and herb plants.  Many years as a greenhouse grower, coupled with my drive to supply gardeners with the best plants possible, led to the creation of J Lynn Nursery.